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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Can Someone Give Me a Ride To Rehab?

I swear the events that I am about to tell you actually happened. A week ago at my place of employment we had a celebration. It was AWESOME!!! There was beer, a band, beer, margarita machines, beer, bar-b-que, beer, a dunk tank, beer, a swimming pool, beer and more beer. It was insane and when I tell people about it they do not believe me. The first day was wild. The owner of the company shows up at 8 a.m. and starts passing out Malibu shots. By 10:30 there was already a casualty. A girl was taken to the back so she could pass out. But the celebration did not stop there. The owner then took the remaining survivors to a near by bar at 11 and proceded to run a tab that is rumored to be as high as $900.00! That is outrageous to me. I would not call the next two days tame by any means at all because the latest that I started drinking was 11 o'clock but the last day was the best. I get there at 9 and head straight for the Bloody Mary's. After a few of those I decide it is time to switch to beer. With a cup full of limes and several Coronas I head back to my desk to work. Yes, all week long there was beer on the desk instead of my usual tea or water. By 3 o'clock I am looking for a place to lie down. I slept for 2 hours and got up feeling ready to go home. I head for the door only to be stopped by the HR Director and 2 members of the Sheriffs department. They tell me I will have totake a sobrieaty test. I ask them what it will be. walk a straight line or the eye test. Appearently that question will automatically disqualify you from driving as they told me I needed to wait a little longer. 30 minutes later I am needing to get home so I can get to my 2nd job. I take their damn eye test and fail miserably. Luckily the company hired cabs to make sure we got home safely. Yeah!! I get home and fianlly but I need to sober up a little more so I show up an hour late. Still a little tipsy I get stuck working on the floor helping customers. People are asking me to help them find products and I cannot even see straight yet. Not the best situation.
All in all everyone had a great time and you can bet your butt I am looking forward to next year.


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