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Saturday, July 08, 2006

What A Blessed Life. I Truly Did Not Even Know.

I had a moment today that made me see just how blessed I have been. While working at my weekend part-time job today I saw a person from high school that I had not seen in at least 16 years. It was a girl that was a grade or two behind me and man how she had changed. I remembered her from high school and that she was very cute and nice. Even a little popular if I remember correctly. When she came up to the counter I asked her if she went to WHHS and she remembered my name, first and last. I was shocked. That is not what made me realize my blessed life though. What it was is that she is now in a wheel chair and was being taken care of by a nurse. The nurse told me she was in a car accident when she was 24 and had suffered brain damage. She could speak but it was very slurred and she could barely write but she had a sparkle in her eye. She still had a great smile and seemed happy. It made me think back to a time that I had a terrible car accident. A drunk driver ran a red light and slammed into my car. It broke my girlfriends jaw, pelvis and put a huge scar on her leg. I was knocked unconscious, had two broken ribs and major kidney damage. I was in the hospital for 12 days and sedated for 3 of those. I remeber VERY little about those first three days in the hospital because of the sedation. The doctors thought that I would actually loose a kidney because of the damage. Luckily I did not. It is an absolute miracle that the only scars I have from that accident is a small mark on my cheek that is hardly noticeable and ribs that never grew back right. I could have easily been in the same situation as the girl I saw today or even dead.
It's funny. Now that I am writing this I remember something else about being in the hospital. My daughters mom, Kim, came down from St. Louis to see me in the hospital. At that time I did not care to see her at all and was rather rude and crappy to her. I am sorry for that Kim. What you did was very nice and caring. I was a jerk. Thanks for coming and seeing me when I was in the hospital.


  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger Kimi Jo said…

    All was forgiven a long time ago, but thank you.

  • At 11:59 AM, Blogger professor said…


    this is kasi

    i'll understand if i don't hear back from you

    the cancer's come back and it does not look good. would like to talk to you one last time.



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