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Thursday, May 18, 2006

If You Don't Like The Way She Drives, Stay Off The Sidewalk

The girls wanted to take Joy on a picnic for Mothers Day so we went to a park downtown. On the way back home we drove by a department store and saw the craziest thing. Someon in a Chevy p/u had driven UP a stop sign. Thats right, I said up a stopsign. It was so incredible that we circled back to look closer. We pulled into the parking lot and parked in the closest spot possible and just sat there and took pics. There was a tow truck there that was trying to pull the truck off the sign post but there was a concrete sleeve that went up about 3 feet at the bottom of the pole. As the tow truck is pulling the truck down the pole that sleeve catches the lower radiator hose and rips it off causing all the fluid to spill out. There was laughter in the van so loud we had to roll the windows back up. It was getting close to the time for American Idol and Joy wanted to go home and watch. I told her there was no way we were going to miss this and that she could see who won online tomorrow because this was a ounce in a lifetime deal and we were not going to miss this. The tow truck kept pulling backwards until the sleeve caught the bumper. I just knew they were going to rip the front of that truck off so I had Joy get ready with the camera. To my disappointment they stopped and rethought their idea. The tow truck then went around to the front and picked the front of the truck off the sing post and pushed it backwards off the cement collar. After that they just backed the truck off the sign and left nothing more to see.
I cannot help but wonder how she did that? I mean she had that truck so far up that pole her bumper was on the stopsign! she must have swerved left, and then swerved right but the sign still hit her.


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