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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cool Dad Moment 1007.

I am tucking the girls in last night for bed and after I say Sara's prayers with her she asks me, "How big is God?" I told her that God was bigger than everything because He made everything. Her response was what every father loves and hates to hear. "Is He big like you daddy?" That stopped me dead in my tracks. Immediatly I was aware of every terrible thing I had done and said. My tiny daughter was comparing me to God. What does a dad say to that? Knowing that I can never fill God's shoes (Does God wear shoes?) I tell her how God made the Sun and the Earth and all the animals and Adam. She really latched onto the Adam part. It was the dirt part that got her. She touched her long, beautiful brown hair and said, "How did He make hair?" I was stumped. How did God make hair? Where did he get the idea for a furry covering for our heads? Why do dome people not have a furry covering for their head? Do they not need it? All I could come up with was, "He made that part of the dirt make hair." Luckily she is 6 and that was enough of an answer.
I hope my wife gets the "Where do babies come from question" question. I do not think I will be able to handle that one with the grace that she can.


  • At 1:23 PM, Blogger NeverEnough said…

    That's funny and SOOOOO cute! You're an awesome father Monty, and I know God is smiling upon your beautiful family and probably even giggling at those wonderful answers you came up with :)


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