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Friday, April 21, 2006

Love or Money?

If I put anyone off by my last blog to bad. That is how I feel about Easter and the reason we recognize it but I will get back to the lighter side of things...sort of.

It is so romantic to say that we marry for love. Not that love has nothing to do with marriage, as it should have a lot to do with it. But is it love that really keeps us together or is it financial security? Cynical? Maybe a little. But most fights in a marriage revovle around money or happen when money is tight. I am not saying that money is the cure for everything but it cures a lot. People say that "money can't buy happiness". Maybe not, but it can rent it for a while. How many times have you seem a BEAUTIFUL woman with an old, ugly man and said to yourself, "Oh, how sweet." You normally say, "Yep, she's waiting for him to die and collect that fat check." You know you do. I do. Money is like the last resort for a man to pull a hot chick. I have seen it a lot of times. I had a friend who dated a guy that was 3 years younger than her dad. She was 20 and he was around 43. Now she is my friend and I am not trying to be derogatory about her at all because she is a strong smart girl and has become quite successful. But, this guy had some money. Right before she met him he had purchased an old warehouse in a part of downtown that was being revitalized and fixing it up to open a business. He had a great job, drove a nice car, nice clothes, cool place to live since he fixed up part of the warehouse and he new a lot of the business owners downtown so he had wealthy friends. But this is the point. She broke up with a guy she had been with all through highschool. They were engaged and pretty much set in what they were going to do. The she meets him and broke boyfriend is out like a light. There were other issues that lead up to them breaking up but it was not really official until she met the guy with money. Like I said, this girl is awesome. I used ot hang out with her and have a great time. No we never dated. Anyway, old dude quite his regular job to pay more attention to starting a new business and the shortage of money amplified the problems that were already there and she met someone else who had a good stable position with a LARGE company and got married.
Now this may sound like I am not a believer in love. Love is what keeps you together when money is short...when there is a lot of it there. You can hear it romaticisd about in songs. "We did not have a car, or water was shut off and it was dark but we were in love and had a dream." Lyrics like this are sung all the time. Mainly by a woman and mainly a country song. That sounds good on the radio but you can bet your arse that if she had a choice of eating beaney weanies everynight with that guy she has now or going to Red Lobster with some guy she just met she'd be eating lobster and scampi while bozo is sitting home in the dark.
Another one of my favorite examples of this is the show The Bachelor/Bachelorette. I will use The Bachelor for my example and talk about how the girls act because I am a male and being male, I am a pig. Do these girls HONESTLY fall in love with this guy on television or do they fall in love with the idea of marrying a guy that is loaded? I go with number 2. You can see it behind the scenes. They are all about the winning and the money. Very seldom do they say anything about the guy. Most of the time he seems like a decent enough fellow but my perception is, if he was really a nice guy and had plenty of money why would he need to go on television to make more money and try to find a girlfriend? Probably for the attention. Most of the girls on the show are pretty attractive and they know it so they figure they deserve to marry a guy with money. So while they are catfighting about who is going to stab who in the back, he is looking on thinking, "Which one's are going to sleep with me?" He has it made! I would imagine there is a rule stating that there is no fornicating between the contestants during the show but they would if they could! That not only makes them back stabbing gold diggers but hookers on top of that. And what happens if the guy's well runs dry? Do you think she is going to hang around? No, she'll be off like a rom dress! except she will be in a lot better shape because whe will have gotten to run around in the money crowd and made connections and met people. Probably the next guy she can bleed dry.
In many ways the old sying is true, "When money goes out the door, loves follows."


  • At 11:33 AM, Blogger NeverEnough said…

    I've never cared about money, which may explain why I also end up with poor bums!

  • At 11:44 AM, Blogger Joygirl said…

    Wow... I guess youare So thankful that you don't have a lot of money then, huh??

    I would hate to be "out the door"


    I love you baby


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