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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The End Is Near!!

I know this is long but stick with it, its worth the effort.

I have had one of the worst 24 hours I have ever had in a long time. It was like my own personal 24. It all started like any other day but there were dark forces aligning against me. First of all at work I am supposed to get out so many demos and generate so much money. Well the only thing I got at work was a sore butt and nothing else. I made 300 calls and got zilch! I get home and everything seems ok. We ate dinner and it was rather uneventful. Then I decided it was time to start something that Joy had asked me to take care of, the garage. Now that I have a motorcycle I need a space to do things with it and the garage had gotten VERY messy again. I got an area cleaned up that that was just nuts and other stuff ready to put on ebay (I love ebay by the way). Then it was time to work on the bike. I needed to get the tach working on the bike so I found a wiring diagram online so I could get that all straightened out. I am not an eletrician by any means but I know how to read a wiring diagram and color code things. I could not get our computer to recognize the printer and print the diagram so I had to draw the wires that I needed on a piece of paper and run out to the garage and find the wires. I spent two hours working on the bike trying to get the tach to work. The bad news is the tach still does not work but hey? The temp gauge doesn't work now so I 've got that going for me. I decide to work on something that requires a little less brain power so I switch to finding out how to get the airbox lid off. I am telling you now that they put this motor together and then bent tubes around it making the frame. I had to take one of the spark plug wires loose from the the distributor to get the thing back together. I felt a little confident so I decided to track down the fuel leak. What it was, the fuel line going into the carbs had swollen and was not fitting tight on the inlet. I cut the hose and started putting the new end on. The problem I had was the inlet spicket was bigger than the opening of the hose and the inlet pivoted makind it VERY hard to put pressure on the hose. It too me an hour to get the hos on the carb bank. Then I go to find a better hose clamp. I know I have one because I put it up in my big "GARAGE CLEAN UP." I go to the cabinets to get it out and when I open the door the top of the shelf come off the wall and all the shit I just put up came flying out. I am talking glass jars full of screws breaking breaking and spilling. A coffee can full of roofing nails, spilling. EVERYTHING I HAD JUST CLEANED...SPILLING!! There was some swearing. Joy comes flying out to the garage just time. She makes sure I am ok and then quickly exits the garage because she just knows I am in no mood to answer a bunch of questions about what happened. She does tell me that we are out of milk and I need to go to the store though. I am pissed. I now have to clean the garage again and it is now ten o'clock. I get the cabinets screwed back into the wall with twice the number of screws I used the first time. After all that I still did not find the hose clamp I needed. I get in the house about 11:30 and I am hungry. We have hot dogs left over from a cook out we had so I heat one of those up and while I am doing that I get out the chili that is still warm from when Joy made hers, the bun and the relish. The relish is in a squeeze bottle and almost empty so I hold it upside down and tap it on the counter. That does not work. My fuse is VERY short at this time because of the garage fiasco and now I can't even have relish with my hot dog?! I hold the bottom of the bottle and fling it down so that the relish will fall toward the openning and I can get the relish I deserve. I miscalculated the force needed to get the relish to the openning of the spout and underestimated the reliability of the "flip top lid" to hold the relish in the bottle. Yep, the relish that I "deserved" was now in a straight line across the just cleaned tile floor and up a cabinet door. MOTHER @#%$&*!!! SON OF A *&^%$!!! Of course Joy is laughing at me and you would think that would have made it worse but at this point I was just about whipped. It was late and time to refocus. I start laughing too. It all was just to damn funny at this point. I clean up my mess and eat my damn hot dog. I go get in the shower and get ready to go to the store. When I get back Joy has waited up for me. I swear she is the best part of my day. If it had not been for her and the kids yesterday would have been even more of a disaster. We get to bed and I am ready to leave this day behind. But remember I said it was a terrible 24 hours and all this started at 9 o'clock in the morning. And it was now 1 o'clock so I still had eight hours to go. After about five and a half hours of sleep I get up, shower do my morning stuff and head off to work. My place of employment in on the other side of town. I mean THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN as in I drive about from the far south side of OKC to the far north side of OKC. I get there and I have forgotten my badge. Luckily I meet up with someone and I am able to get in the door but then comes the next obstacle. How am I going to clock in so I can get paid? I go to one of the managers that I know and tell him the deal. Here is the dialog.
Him: "Sorry, they are really starting to crack down on that stuff where do you live?"
Me: "Far south OKC."
Him: "Yeah you need to get it."
Me: "Shit."
I had to drive all the way the way back to town my house on the other side of town and drive back. Basically using two days worth of gas in one day.
Tomorrow has to be better.


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