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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

But on a serious note...

I have been kind of hard on Easter for the last couple of blogs but that basically stems from my dislike of commercialism of all holidays.
In all seriousness I think that Easter is a more special holiday that Christmas. I know that Christmas is revered as a great gift from God by Him sending His son here to Earth. But the Son did not have a choice in the matter of His birth. He could not say, "No. Those people are mean and unworthy." But Jesus had a choice about His death and crucifixion. He did not have to die. The truth be told He did not want to be sacrificed. That is told of when he prayed to the father so hard in the garden that blood dripped from Him like sweat. "Take this cup of suffering from me." This is a prayer of pleading for rescue. For wanting to be saved from what lies ahead. Christ knew what kind of suffering He was going to endure and the weight of the worlds sin that He would have to bear. "Take this cup of suffering from me." He knew how unworthy we are of such a sacrifice yet His closing words to that prayer are, "Not my will be done, but Yours."
Mothers have the ability to pick their children out of a crowd. Even without seeing them they know their child's cry from that of a dozen other children. If you do not believe me go to the park some weekend were there are a bunch of children playing. The mothers will be talking in a circle and when a child cries from falling off a toy his/her mother will hear that cry and be the first to react. But can you imagine if you could not recognize your child? Not by their face or their cry? That is how badly Jesus was beaten. His own mother could not recognize Him and had to ask, "Where is my son? I do not see Him." A lot of people put down 'The Passion' because they said it was to violent, to gory, to graphic. To bad. That is probably the most realistic portrayal of the crucifixion that will ever be seen. The beating, the scourging, the mocking. It is all told in the Bible but we all want to believe that they were gentle with Jesus. Like they apologized after every lash and said, "I will try not to hit you so hard next time." NO! He was beaten as bad as any man could take and still live but was that the end? No it wasn't. After that He was shown to the people. His people. The people He came to save but they were not satisfied with his beating. They wanted more. They wanted His death. So Jesus had to carry His cross up that hill. I do not know how far He had to carry the cross but I'm telling you, across the room would have been to far. He more than likely had almost no skin on His back and His legs were probably so beaten He could hardly walk. The fact is we know this is the truth because the Romans had to get a member f the crowd to carry His cross. Can you imagine being the person who carried his saviors cross to Golgotha to be crucified? My daughter asked me the other day how someone dies when they are crucified and I told her it is an ugly, slow, painful death. It is believed that the nails were actually driven into the wrist just below the hand. There is a bundle of nerves that are right there that the nails would have gone through causing a great deal of pain. Then the nails in the feet were more than likely driven between the Achilles tendon and the foot. The way a person hangs when attached to a cross their lungs do not expand so breathing is shallow. The only way they can take a deep breathe is to push themselves up on the nail in the back of their feet and the nails driven in their wrists causing unbelievable pain.. Slowly the lungs begin to fill with fluid and the victim suffocates. Historically the legs of those being crucified would be broken so it was harder for them push themselves up and breathe. They did not do this to Jesus so He suffered longer. But even know the Romans were not finished with ridiculing Him. They place a crown of thorns on His head and hung a sign above Him that said, 'King of the Jews.' Yet even after all that He still had love for those around Him. Hanging there between two criminals He was still forgiving those that persecuted Him and praying for them. But now we get to the good part of the story. The miracle of the story. He was laid in a rich man's tomb that was given to Him but He did not need it. He was not there three days. He overcame death! He ascended into heaven! This is the miracle of Christianity. Our savior is not dead. Buddhists, Muslims, whoever else. All the other mm's and ist's have graves where their savior is buried but not Christians. No, we serve the risen Lord!. That is why we celebrate on Easter. Not because our savior died for our sins, but because He beat death and lives forever in us and through us. We did not receive our salvation through Jesus until he died on the cross and rose again. That is the gift.


  • At 9:28 AM, Blogger NeverEnough said…

    My husband was raised Jehovah Witness and their stories are SO much different.

  • At 4:29 PM, Blogger Gordo said…

    I would love to hear those stories and see how different they are.


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