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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The End Is Near!!

I know this is long but stick with it, its worth the effort.

I have had one of the worst 24 hours I have ever had in a long time. It was like my own personal 24. It all started like any other day but there were dark forces aligning against me. First of all at work I am supposed to get out so many demos and generate so much money. Well the only thing I got at work was a sore butt and nothing else. I made 300 calls and got zilch! I get home and everything seems ok. We ate dinner and it was rather uneventful. Then I decided it was time to start something that Joy had asked me to take care of, the garage. Now that I have a motorcycle I need a space to do things with it and the garage had gotten VERY messy again. I got an area cleaned up that that was just nuts and other stuff ready to put on ebay (I love ebay by the way). Then it was time to work on the bike. I needed to get the tach working on the bike so I found a wiring diagram online so I could get that all straightened out. I am not an eletrician by any means but I know how to read a wiring diagram and color code things. I could not get our computer to recognize the printer and print the diagram so I had to draw the wires that I needed on a piece of paper and run out to the garage and find the wires. I spent two hours working on the bike trying to get the tach to work. The bad news is the tach still does not work but hey? The temp gauge doesn't work now so I 've got that going for me. I decide to work on something that requires a little less brain power so I switch to finding out how to get the airbox lid off. I am telling you now that they put this motor together and then bent tubes around it making the frame. I had to take one of the spark plug wires loose from the the distributor to get the thing back together. I felt a little confident so I decided to track down the fuel leak. What it was, the fuel line going into the carbs had swollen and was not fitting tight on the inlet. I cut the hose and started putting the new end on. The problem I had was the inlet spicket was bigger than the opening of the hose and the inlet pivoted makind it VERY hard to put pressure on the hose. It too me an hour to get the hos on the carb bank. Then I go to find a better hose clamp. I know I have one because I put it up in my big "GARAGE CLEAN UP." I go to the cabinets to get it out and when I open the door the top of the shelf come off the wall and all the shit I just put up came flying out. I am talking glass jars full of screws breaking breaking and spilling. A coffee can full of roofing nails, spilling. EVERYTHING I HAD JUST CLEANED...SPILLING!! There was some swearing. Joy comes flying out to the garage just time. She makes sure I am ok and then quickly exits the garage because she just knows I am in no mood to answer a bunch of questions about what happened. She does tell me that we are out of milk and I need to go to the store though. I am pissed. I now have to clean the garage again and it is now ten o'clock. I get the cabinets screwed back into the wall with twice the number of screws I used the first time. After all that I still did not find the hose clamp I needed. I get in the house about 11:30 and I am hungry. We have hot dogs left over from a cook out we had so I heat one of those up and while I am doing that I get out the chili that is still warm from when Joy made hers, the bun and the relish. The relish is in a squeeze bottle and almost empty so I hold it upside down and tap it on the counter. That does not work. My fuse is VERY short at this time because of the garage fiasco and now I can't even have relish with my hot dog?! I hold the bottom of the bottle and fling it down so that the relish will fall toward the openning and I can get the relish I deserve. I miscalculated the force needed to get the relish to the openning of the spout and underestimated the reliability of the "flip top lid" to hold the relish in the bottle. Yep, the relish that I "deserved" was now in a straight line across the just cleaned tile floor and up a cabinet door. MOTHER @#%$&*!!! SON OF A *&^%$!!! Of course Joy is laughing at me and you would think that would have made it worse but at this point I was just about whipped. It was late and time to refocus. I start laughing too. It all was just to damn funny at this point. I clean up my mess and eat my damn hot dog. I go get in the shower and get ready to go to the store. When I get back Joy has waited up for me. I swear she is the best part of my day. If it had not been for her and the kids yesterday would have been even more of a disaster. We get to bed and I am ready to leave this day behind. But remember I said it was a terrible 24 hours and all this started at 9 o'clock in the morning. And it was now 1 o'clock so I still had eight hours to go. After about five and a half hours of sleep I get up, shower do my morning stuff and head off to work. My place of employment in on the other side of town. I mean THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN as in I drive about from the far south side of OKC to the far north side of OKC. I get there and I have forgotten my badge. Luckily I meet up with someone and I am able to get in the door but then comes the next obstacle. How am I going to clock in so I can get paid? I go to one of the managers that I know and tell him the deal. Here is the dialog.
Him: "Sorry, they are really starting to crack down on that stuff where do you live?"
Me: "Far south OKC."
Him: "Yeah you need to get it."
Me: "Shit."
I had to drive all the way the way back to town my house on the other side of town and drive back. Basically using two days worth of gas in one day.
Tomorrow has to be better.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Love or Money?

If I put anyone off by my last blog to bad. That is how I feel about Easter and the reason we recognize it but I will get back to the lighter side of things...sort of.

It is so romantic to say that we marry for love. Not that love has nothing to do with marriage, as it should have a lot to do with it. But is it love that really keeps us together or is it financial security? Cynical? Maybe a little. But most fights in a marriage revovle around money or happen when money is tight. I am not saying that money is the cure for everything but it cures a lot. People say that "money can't buy happiness". Maybe not, but it can rent it for a while. How many times have you seem a BEAUTIFUL woman with an old, ugly man and said to yourself, "Oh, how sweet." You normally say, "Yep, she's waiting for him to die and collect that fat check." You know you do. I do. Money is like the last resort for a man to pull a hot chick. I have seen it a lot of times. I had a friend who dated a guy that was 3 years younger than her dad. She was 20 and he was around 43. Now she is my friend and I am not trying to be derogatory about her at all because she is a strong smart girl and has become quite successful. But, this guy had some money. Right before she met him he had purchased an old warehouse in a part of downtown that was being revitalized and fixing it up to open a business. He had a great job, drove a nice car, nice clothes, cool place to live since he fixed up part of the warehouse and he new a lot of the business owners downtown so he had wealthy friends. But this is the point. She broke up with a guy she had been with all through highschool. They were engaged and pretty much set in what they were going to do. The she meets him and broke boyfriend is out like a light. There were other issues that lead up to them breaking up but it was not really official until she met the guy with money. Like I said, this girl is awesome. I used ot hang out with her and have a great time. No we never dated. Anyway, old dude quite his regular job to pay more attention to starting a new business and the shortage of money amplified the problems that were already there and she met someone else who had a good stable position with a LARGE company and got married.
Now this may sound like I am not a believer in love. Love is what keeps you together when money is short...when there is a lot of it there. You can hear it romaticisd about in songs. "We did not have a car, or water was shut off and it was dark but we were in love and had a dream." Lyrics like this are sung all the time. Mainly by a woman and mainly a country song. That sounds good on the radio but you can bet your arse that if she had a choice of eating beaney weanies everynight with that guy she has now or going to Red Lobster with some guy she just met she'd be eating lobster and scampi while bozo is sitting home in the dark.
Another one of my favorite examples of this is the show The Bachelor/Bachelorette. I will use The Bachelor for my example and talk about how the girls act because I am a male and being male, I am a pig. Do these girls HONESTLY fall in love with this guy on television or do they fall in love with the idea of marrying a guy that is loaded? I go with number 2. You can see it behind the scenes. They are all about the winning and the money. Very seldom do they say anything about the guy. Most of the time he seems like a decent enough fellow but my perception is, if he was really a nice guy and had plenty of money why would he need to go on television to make more money and try to find a girlfriend? Probably for the attention. Most of the girls on the show are pretty attractive and they know it so they figure they deserve to marry a guy with money. So while they are catfighting about who is going to stab who in the back, he is looking on thinking, "Which one's are going to sleep with me?" He has it made! I would imagine there is a rule stating that there is no fornicating between the contestants during the show but they would if they could! That not only makes them back stabbing gold diggers but hookers on top of that. And what happens if the guy's well runs dry? Do you think she is going to hang around? No, she'll be off like a rom dress! except she will be in a lot better shape because whe will have gotten to run around in the money crowd and made connections and met people. Probably the next guy she can bleed dry.
In many ways the old sying is true, "When money goes out the door, loves follows."

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

But on a serious note...

I have been kind of hard on Easter for the last couple of blogs but that basically stems from my dislike of commercialism of all holidays.
In all seriousness I think that Easter is a more special holiday that Christmas. I know that Christmas is revered as a great gift from God by Him sending His son here to Earth. But the Son did not have a choice in the matter of His birth. He could not say, "No. Those people are mean and unworthy." But Jesus had a choice about His death and crucifixion. He did not have to die. The truth be told He did not want to be sacrificed. That is told of when he prayed to the father so hard in the garden that blood dripped from Him like sweat. "Take this cup of suffering from me." This is a prayer of pleading for rescue. For wanting to be saved from what lies ahead. Christ knew what kind of suffering He was going to endure and the weight of the worlds sin that He would have to bear. "Take this cup of suffering from me." He knew how unworthy we are of such a sacrifice yet His closing words to that prayer are, "Not my will be done, but Yours."
Mothers have the ability to pick their children out of a crowd. Even without seeing them they know their child's cry from that of a dozen other children. If you do not believe me go to the park some weekend were there are a bunch of children playing. The mothers will be talking in a circle and when a child cries from falling off a toy his/her mother will hear that cry and be the first to react. But can you imagine if you could not recognize your child? Not by their face or their cry? That is how badly Jesus was beaten. His own mother could not recognize Him and had to ask, "Where is my son? I do not see Him." A lot of people put down 'The Passion' because they said it was to violent, to gory, to graphic. To bad. That is probably the most realistic portrayal of the crucifixion that will ever be seen. The beating, the scourging, the mocking. It is all told in the Bible but we all want to believe that they were gentle with Jesus. Like they apologized after every lash and said, "I will try not to hit you so hard next time." NO! He was beaten as bad as any man could take and still live but was that the end? No it wasn't. After that He was shown to the people. His people. The people He came to save but they were not satisfied with his beating. They wanted more. They wanted His death. So Jesus had to carry His cross up that hill. I do not know how far He had to carry the cross but I'm telling you, across the room would have been to far. He more than likely had almost no skin on His back and His legs were probably so beaten He could hardly walk. The fact is we know this is the truth because the Romans had to get a member f the crowd to carry His cross. Can you imagine being the person who carried his saviors cross to Golgotha to be crucified? My daughter asked me the other day how someone dies when they are crucified and I told her it is an ugly, slow, painful death. It is believed that the nails were actually driven into the wrist just below the hand. There is a bundle of nerves that are right there that the nails would have gone through causing a great deal of pain. Then the nails in the feet were more than likely driven between the Achilles tendon and the foot. The way a person hangs when attached to a cross their lungs do not expand so breathing is shallow. The only way they can take a deep breathe is to push themselves up on the nail in the back of their feet and the nails driven in their wrists causing unbelievable pain.. Slowly the lungs begin to fill with fluid and the victim suffocates. Historically the legs of those being crucified would be broken so it was harder for them push themselves up and breathe. They did not do this to Jesus so He suffered longer. But even know the Romans were not finished with ridiculing Him. They place a crown of thorns on His head and hung a sign above Him that said, 'King of the Jews.' Yet even after all that He still had love for those around Him. Hanging there between two criminals He was still forgiving those that persecuted Him and praying for them. But now we get to the good part of the story. The miracle of the story. He was laid in a rich man's tomb that was given to Him but He did not need it. He was not there three days. He overcame death! He ascended into heaven! This is the miracle of Christianity. Our savior is not dead. Buddhists, Muslims, whoever else. All the other mm's and ist's have graves where their savior is buried but not Christians. No, we serve the risen Lord!. That is why we celebrate on Easter. Not because our savior died for our sins, but because He beat death and lives forever in us and through us. We did not receive our salvation through Jesus until he died on the cross and rose again. That is the gift.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why I Hate The Easter Bunny

How could I hate a fluffy, cute little symbol of Easter? It's easy. The thing is evil. Easter falls in the Spring when many ancient cultures had their fertility rituals. Since rabbits breed quite fast and efficiently they were worshipped and sacrificed for good crops. As Christian's, why should we have some pagan symbol as one of the most recognizable signs of a Holy holiday? And why do we want this rodent sneaking into our homes to leave treats for our kids? Any other time we have rodents in our house we get rid of them yet we welcome this thing in with open arms. Lets face it a rabbit is just a rat with a better tail and nobody likes rats.
And another thing. At Easter we have a rodent going around hiding eggs. One of two things is going on here. Either the Easter bunny is some crazy mutated mammal that has come how started laying eggs, in which case I do not want some mutant rodent in my house, or he is a thief and why would I invite a thief into my house? What if he decided to steal some of my eggs while I was sleeping? I like eggs. What would I eat for breakfast?
After all of this you may think that I have something against rabbits or rodents. I really like rabbits, they taste like chicken. (Just kidding) No seriously, I like rabbits and I can even tolerate rats as long as they are pets and kept in a cage. It's just that damned Easter bunny that I don't like.
So this is one more thing we need to eleminate from Easter festivities. Ham and the Easter Bunny.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Anti-Semitism In The Name Of Jesus

I cannot believe how much Easter is such an anti-Jewish holiday. I mean EVERYTHING is set against them on the Holy Christian celebration. Yes I know they have Passover which is a very important holiday to the Jewish people but we can partake in that with them. Where is there room for the Jew in Easter? There are two main points that lead me to believe they are not welcome.
First of all we are celebrating the death and resurection of Jesus the Messiah. From my understanding, people who are Jewish believe in Jesus but as a prophet and not as the savior. I feel that Christians should celebrate Easter more than we Christmas. Sure His birth was important and should be recognized but it was in His sacrifice and death that WE recieve salvation. If His blood had not been spilled for our sins we would be no better off than if he had not have lived.
The second is the traditional Easter meal, ham. Everybody knows that Jew do not eat pork. So what do Christian's serve? A big ol' honey cooked, hickory smoked, pineapple and clove wearing ham. BAM! Right there in the middle of the table. Why not hang a sign on the door saying Jews not welcome right below your swatstika?
Please do not think I am trying to put down Easter or how Christian's celebrate it but lets look at what an eletist holiday it is. I say keep the savior and throw out the ham. Lets eat a nice steak or even fish and seafood. That way we can at least eat together and as I have said before nothing brings people together like food.

Next blog: Why I hate the Easter Bunny.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

And He Said, "Thou Shalt Be Humble."

I am ashamed. I forgot another glaring misinterpretation of the "Ten Commandments as Written By ABC." When Moses threw his staff down in front of Pharaoh and it turned to a snake, and then Pharaoh's priest's threw their staff's down and they tunred to snakes also, Moses' snake comsumed the other two snakes whole. I was to lazy to find the chapter and verse for you so you can either take my word for it or look it up yourself.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Believe How Bad ABC Butchered Then Ten Commandments

It is a tradition that every Easter we watch the Ten Commandments and this year was no different. What was different was the version of the Ten Commandments. I mnot saying the 1956 Charleton Heston version is exactly true to the Bible and that some artistic liberty wasn't taken but it had a lot more right about it than this latest version. I am sure there are more things than I am about to point out but I will deffinatly hit the high (or low) points from this one. This whole story is from Exodus and I will put chapter and verse after each point for you to look it up yourself.

First: Moses' mother did NOT take him straight from the womb to the river. There were a few days and she told his sister to watch the basket to make sure he was ok. 2:2

Second: When the princess found him in the river, Moses' sister told the princess that she would find a nurse maid for her. The princess never knew it was his real mother. 2:7-9

Third: Moses was never captured for killing the Egyptian. He escaped when the Pharaoh sent for him to be killed. 2:15

Fourth: When Moses saw the burning bush God told him to take off his sandals because the ground was Holy and Moses did. (Would you say no?) In this ABC version Moses was not even told to take them off. 3:5

Fifth: Moses knew all along where he was leading his people because God told him they would get the land that belonged to the Canaanite, Hittite, Perizzite, Hivite and the Jesubite. That's a lot of tites. 3:8

Sixth: God gave Moses two signs to show the people His power. The first was the staff that turned to a snake and the second was Moses was to touch his chest with his hand and when he removed it, it would have leprosy. When he touched his chest again, it would be clean. 4:2-8

Seventh: Moses stuttered. Little known fact for those of us raised on Charleton Heston. 4:10

Eigth: When Moses goes to Pharaoh the first time, Pharaoh gets angry and makes the slave do extra work so they will have no time to listen to Moses' words. Exo. 5. Yes the whole chapter/

Ninth: God spoke to Moses AND Aaron. Not just Moses. 6:13

Tenth: After the slaves were free they did have a celebration. The Passover. 12:42-51

Yes, there are mor than ten.

Eleventh: God ALWAYS gave the people a sign of where they were supposed to go. A cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. 13:21-22

Twelth: Moses' people crossed on dry land when God parted the sea. Not mud. Not sloshing through puddles but dry land. The sea was parted by a strong east wind. Not a volcanic eruption like ABC would have you believe. 14:13-22

Thirteenth: The people only went three days without water before God showed them the well. 15:22-27

fourteenth: They ate not only manna but quail also. They did not even have to hunt for them. They came into the camp. 16:13

Again, there were many more artistic liberties taken with this story but at this point you should read the story for yourself and not buy into how television or the movies portray the exodus of Isreal from Egypt.

Something that has always amazed me was how someone could see the Red Sea part and then crash down on their enemies and not believe in God? How food could literly come out of thin air to were you would never be hungry and not believe in God? People are so ungrateful for the things that God has given them. We are even vain enough to think that we may have provided these things for ourselves. I know I have. But I also know that I am thankful for my beautiful wife and how she keeps me grounded and inline. Thankful for my beautiful children that God has given me. Thankful for the family that I have for always being there when they are needed.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Merging Lanes

This last weekend was quite possibly the best one that my wife and I have spent with each other in the last 18 months. We were invited to an adoptive parents weekend retreat in Guthrie and had a ball. Joy got to go antique shopping and I got to sit through bachelor's level psychology. We also got to meet and get to know new people who have also adopted or fostered children.
But the best part of the weekend was what happened between Joy and me. We connected in a way that we haven't in a while. No, it was not in a physical way, it was better, deeper. We enjoyed being around each other away from the kids. The only thing we had with us to focus on was each other. There were two highlights for me. The first one came when we got the results of a compatibility test that we took. We were spot on with each other and the places were we did not match up we knew exactly how we handled and coped. The second was when the workers of the weekend had us watch a scene from "The Story of Us". This scene had a fantastic effect on both of us. I guess there actually three high points. On the way home we shared things with each other that we haven't in a while and needed to.
Back to the movie. After just this one scene we had to see the rest of it. I went and rented it and we watched it last night. Watching this movie was like watching every argument Joy and I have ever had. It was strange to watch as someone else seemed to live out 12 months of our lives in 2 hours in our living room. The thing that made it great was being able to see their reactions objectively and knowing exactly how they felt and what they really meant. So often the feelings are so strong that the words seem to come out in anger when what you really want to say is, "I'm not mad at you! I am mad at this situation we have created and are living in and I am scared that I am loosing you and all I want to do is bring you closer to me but everytime I try all I do is push you away farther and that scares me even more!" This goes on until finally something happens that takes all the strength you can muster up to try and break out. But that still isn't enough so you are forced to rely on this person you have chosen to be your mate and when you find out they felt the same way the whole time that is when you finally get to completely fall apart, together. And as both of you are lying in pieces in the mess you have created you start putting yourself back together. Only this time, your pieces have gotten mixed up with the pieces of your mate and in the mess it is hard to tell one part from the other. So when it is all finished and rebuilt the two of you are one. Each of you share more of the other and you are stronger for it. If you are having trouble getting along with the one you love I suggest this movie.

Joy kept asking me why I have not commented on her blog. The reason is that I do not think enough people would get to see it if it were hidden in her comments section so here it is.

Gordo says:
I love you so much and this life we are creating. I told you a long time that our life was going to be a success story and it is. We have over come so much in our lives together and our kids will tell our story to their husbands, their children and their grandchildren. I want to live a life that makes our kids say, "I want to have a marriage like mom and dad's" I think we are off to a good start. I love you Princess.
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