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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lick-O-The Irish

I finally got a freakin' job! I had three potential jobs lined up and one of them finally came through. The first job was at a call center as a manager. I am way qualified to be a manager at a call center as most of my work experience has been in some form of customer service. Yes, I am all about the people. I was pumped about the potentially, semi-great salary but not very excited about shift work. The secodn job was as a pimp at a dating service. Yes, I was going to be a pimp and set people up on dates. Like I said, I am all about the people. I was very excited about the earnig potential from this gig but the hours where going to suck. Noon to nine Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Joy would have been a single mom for the most part and I would have had to set her up with a date from one of the 'clients'. The third was with a software company doing B2B sales. I have actually used the software before and am fairly familiar with it the product. Iwent throught the first interview and everything was VERY cool. The person I spoke with said he we call me back for a second interview. When they finally called back they did not even mention a second interview but offered me the job! GO ME!! I am no longer a drain on the state and everyone elses tax dollar. I get to be a contributing member of society again! I am so excited!
I will see you all at work on Monday.


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