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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm A Biker. I Bike.

I have wanted a motorcycle for at least 8 years now. Joy and I had made a deal that she would get a baby and I would get a motorcycle. Well we had four daughters and now, three years later, I have a motorcycle. It is a 1983 V65 Magna. I am pumped. It is a LOT more motorcycle than what I really wanted for my first street bike but I guess I will learn very quickly to respect it. I had it for a day before I got the nerve to ride it. Joy kept asking me why I wasn't out tearing up the streets. I told her it was a bit big and had more power that what I wanted or needed for my first street bike. She said, "It's not like you have to use all of it." I looked at her kind of funny and told her she was right. She hears that a lot. Later that night she came out to the garage and told me to take the bike out. She did not ask me, she told me. I pushed it down the drive, fired it up and tooled around the neighborhood. About a block from the house, it died. I ran out of gas. Idiot. We went and got some gas and I had her hop on the back. I took her around the block and we had a ball. The next night she sent the girls outside for me to take them around the block. Rikki LOVED it. She can't wait until I come to pick her up from school on the bike. Amber did not have as much fun. When we go back from going around the block I asked her if she liked it. With a nervous grin she shook her head yes. I asked her if she was scared and she said yes. Good. I don't need to worry about some guy showing up on a motorcycle to take her out on a date.
When it was Joy's turn she wanted to go out on a main street. I felt pretty comfortable so we took it out for a few miles. When we got back we were both pumped on how much fun it was. In fact we came back, picked up some movies and went to the video store. The traffic scared the crap out of me but I kept my cool and had a blast.
We are now bike people. I told Joy I wanted to get her a leather halter top and some chaps. She declined. Now I guess I just need to come up with a cool biker name. Let the good times roll.


  • At 2:32 PM, Blogger NeverEnough said…

    I've heard that bikers do it better. This may be why Joy isn't posting much lately.

  • At 3:38 PM, Blogger Joygirl said…


    Two words on the leather bra and chaps buddy...



  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger Joygirl said…

    Yeah Monkey, but I got FOUR children - - not one - and now we can't afford the bike! LOL

    You are SOOOOOOO lucky you got this bike the way you did. ;)


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