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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

*Chloe? My Dogs Name Is Chloe.

As promised, here is my take on Chloe from 24. But first, a disclaimer.

I am sure that the actress that plays Chloe on 24 is a very nice person and possibly even very pretty when she smiles. This is a comment on the character she plays and not on her. Thank you.

Chloe is a lesbian. You may wonder how I have come to this conclusion. I will tell you.
First- You could have cut the sexual tension between her and Edgar with a knife. He wanted her so bad but was always to timid to say anything to her. He probably had his suspicions about her sexuality too. That and he was afraid of Jack.
Second- The way she pushes everybody away that could possibly get close to her. She does not want anyone to know she is a lesbian.
Third- The way she looked at the new female character that came onto the show last night let you know that she was having "thoughts" about her.

Now I am not saying she is a lesbian because she want to be a lesbian. She was probably pushed into the lifestyle. Her longing for Jack has left her frigid toward other men. I know at one time she was sleeping with one of her co-workers but this was simply a mask to cover up her true desire to be with either Jack or a woman that Jack would be with. It is her way of sharing something special and private with Jack. But we cannot forget that Chloe also has the slightest bit of a jealous, anti-social psychotic side. If someone hurts Jack she will hurt them.

Audrey Rains, you need to watch out. Chloe is like a praying mantis. She will have sex with you and then chew your head off. Consider yourself warned.

Tomorrow I will tell youabout why I think President Logan is such a big pussy.

*I really do hace a dog named Chloe


  • At 2:07 PM, Blogger riotgrrrlzrock said…

    OMG Chloe is soooo not a lesbian!!!! Somewhere in Chloe's background, I believe she was hurt in a really horrible way, maybe parental abandonment or something like that. I think this is why she pushes people away. Sh is also extremely smart and knowledgable about her field. Often times, people with high intelligence tend to lack the social skills needed to interact normally with people. She slept with a co-worker earlier in the season and was very hurt when he turned out to be a bad guy. I think she holds the old philosophy, hurt them before they hurt me. And YES the actress that play Chloe can be very pretty, I honestly did not recognize her when I saw her on an awards show. And YES I totally agree with you on pussy Logan. There will never be another David Palmer

  • At 2:57 PM, Blogger Gordo said…

    I will dispute this piece by piece.
    If my kid always frowned, I would abandon her too.
    Yes she is smart and socially ackward, and a lesbian. (and you had to be social)
    She wondered into the waters of heterosexuality and got burned. Lesbian.
    Hurt them before they hurt you? She shot a guy and did not feel bad about it. Psychotic.

    No there will never be another Palmer. He's dead! He is not real either.

  • At 5:15 PM, Blogger NeverEnough said…

    Man, this 24 fight is getting intense! I'm going to have to rent the series now to form an educated opinion.


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