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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Perfect Valentines Day Card

For the longest I always got funny cards. No matter what the occassion, except funerals, I got cards that made a joke of something. Out of love for my wife (I love you baby) I changed my habits and started getting the cards she actually wanted. You know the ones. They are two pages long and have tissue paper on the inside. Very girly. Lickily, this year I was able to find a card that was romantic enough for my wife yet satisfied my need to "go for the laugh." Here it is:
(On the cover)
A Love Story For My Wife
Once upon a time there were two sweethearts who promised to love each other happily ever after till they died. So they did. Then these, like, flower bushes or something grew up and the birds came and stuff.
The End.
(On the inside)
Kinda makes you want to have sex, doesn't it?
IT WAS PERFECT!!! Hallmark finally did it! they came up with a V-Day card that says it all. The romantic stuff on the outside but it asks the underlying question on the inside. *All holiday and birthday cards should have this question somewhere on them. This card has made me love buying cards again.
I wonder if she will notice when I give her this card again next year?

*Cards that are for children, parents or for friends of the same gender as the giver should have the question removed from the card. Lets not be freaks about the whole thing.


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