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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

No Kind Words

Yesterday there was a photo of Brittany Spears driving in her car with her child in her LAP! FRIGGIN' IDIOT!!! I think she is such a backwoods, hillbilly, tramp slut. Here she is this "big star" and yet she acts like a whitetrash piece of crap. Am I being to hard on the poor girl? I mean after all she has all of these people wanting to take her picture and her pressing music career is not giving her anytime for her movie career. (thank goodness) Not to mention her unemployed husband to support. No wait, he just put out an album. I guess I suck because I have not heard anything from it. He must be huge in Belgium. Oh, she made a big deal about how she would do anything to protect her baby. I guess she means she will protect him everywhere accept a moving car. And another thing, she is looked up to by a lot of teenage girls that pay attention to everything she says and does. What kind of crappy example is she trying to set. Another example of her trashy self is from her short lived "reality show." Now I will admit that this was not witnessed first hand but was heard on a radio morning show that was trashing her reality show. Appearently she was talking to some of her friends and she said, "Oh my gosh I have had sex 3 times today." Her mom and dad must be soooo proud. Sure she is married, but you do not share things like that with people. Especially when you know you are being filmed for your own television show. Tramp. Like I said she is a role model (how sad) for a lot of young girls but what does she do? She dances seductively, (yeah, I want my young daughters to emulate that) wears trampy clothes, (See previous comment) and now drives with her child in her lap. She is one of those stars that should not be allowed to talk. She should just stand there and look pretty and maybe dance a little bit. It is when she opens her mouth that she turns unattractive. She, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez should all just be models and dancers. No more singing please. No more acting please. Just dance and look pretty.


  • At 6:52 PM, Blogger Kimi Jo said…

    The having sex 3 times today comment happened before she was married!!!! She will do anything for attention and to keep her name out there because her career is in the toilet. She will have a comeback tour in 2 years and by then all the kids that used to listen to her music will have forgotten her..and other kids will look at their mothers and say...Who is Brittany Spears?? Isn't she the girl who was driving with her baby in the front seat of the car??? Ticket Sales will plummet and she will be appearing on Dancing with Celebrities just to pay the bills!!! ALL I CAN SAY IS.....KARMA!!!

  • At 9:04 PM, Blogger Gordo said…

    Thank you for correcting me and agreeing with me.


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