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Saturday, January 21, 2006


This has been a MISERABLE DAY!!! Last night we were watching a movie and Joy and I fell asleep. Her dad came over so we got up but we did not feel quite right. After he left I went back to bed only to be awakened by Joy screaming for me. Our 3 year old had thrown up. That was just the beginning. I told Joy I did not feel well either. She echoed the same thing just before she ran to the bathroom to throw up. While she was gone I was holding our sick 3 year old on the couch when she decides to throw up again...on me. Gross, but hey - I can take it. I'm a dad. Our 14 year old was trying to help the sick parents and sick little sister and doing a great job. We get buckets for me, Joy and the baby and commence to be miserable together in our bedroom. At about 1:30 in the morning the 14 year old comes into the bedroom and says she threw up too... allllll over her bed. Great! 4 out of six. (Our 6 year old had this earlier this week and was staying at her grandma's house thankfully) She came into our bedroom and camped out on the floor to share her misery with ours. I think we may have gotten 3 hours worth of sleep last night. Puke-a-palooza 2006. SOOOLD OUT!
So then today came whirrling in - - and we all got fevers. At one point I was feeling like crap. When Joy took my temp it was 103.7. I wonder why I felt bad? I let Joy fall asleep for a couple hours and when she woke up she was burning up at 103.5. Rikki stayed at a steady 101-102 and the baby was up and down. Tylenol cocktails for everyone!
Here it is now, 5:15 in the afternoon and I have finally ventured out of the bedroom for more than five minutes. I'm ready to go back to bed...

May the God's be praised for our Mommy - she came over bearing 6 two-liters of Sprite and homemade chicken and noodles. Oh, and Lysol - - plenty of Lysol!

Tomorrow has to be better.


  • At 6:44 AM, Blogger Kimi Jo said…

    I will take a messy longjohn over puke any day. Hope everyone is feeling better.


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