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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Still Hanging In There

Here it is day 7 of the new year and I have been able to keep most of my resolutions. I have gotten my wife a gift every week, been to the gym and fasted. My wife knows that I love her and I have not killed anyone yet. That was not on my list but I should let everyone know.
Since I am out of work "officially" I have been working with a contractor painting houses. By doing this I have fully learned the difference between a skill worker and an educated worker. The guys I work with are smart but not what you would call educated. They all have been to prison at least once. Most of them either have or have had a drug addiction and none of them are what you would consider normal. I will give you an example. One fellow was talking about what he was going to do over the New Years holiday. Let me give you a background on his character first. He is 36 years old and we went to the same high school and know some of the same people. I never knew him as he is a few years older than me and dropped out. Back to the story. He said that his buddies invited nim over to there house to do some "Backyard Wrestling." Oh I said Backyard Wrestling. They even went out and bought some old tables so they could throw each other into them and break them. He was excited about the prospect of throwing his buddies onto one of these old tables. He even had his costume picked out. I would tell you that there was going to be alcohol involved but you already knew that.
Another guy was in jail for running a crack house and letting prostitutes use his house as a store front. WHAT! Where do these people come from? He is a super nice guy and while doing his time he learned painting a trade. He seems to be quite good at what he does.
Guy 3 is crazy. He was in the military doing what I believe to be demolition. We were talking the other day and he told me that while he was in the service he learned how to make explosives and take them apart. He told me the steps on how to make homemade C4. That is a handy skill everyone needs to know I am sure.
Guy 4 goes by the philosophy of "it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
The main contractor is a super nice guy. He just roles with everything, keeps everybody inline and busy.
All these guys are skilled at what they do but I would not call them "educated", except for the main conrtactor. They all like to bitch about each others work and how the contractor could do things differently or better or how they could make more money else where. To that I say, If you do not like the way things are ran, start your own business. I told this to my guys a few times when I had my own business. If they got to bitching to much about how things were and what I should do I would tell them to go get 6 thousand dollars worth of equipment a truck and pick up their own contracts. For some reason they were always there to work the next day. No one ever did that. hmm
I am sooo ready to find a job that will let me support my family.


  • At 5:01 PM, Blogger Kimi Jo said…

    Ok, who is the guy that went to our high school that you work with?

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