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Friday, January 13, 2006

Route 34

Just had a birthday the other day. Nothing spectacular just turned 34. Not really a big milestone but like with all birthdays I look back over my life to see what I have accomplished and what I have missed over the past year. On a personal level the year had its major ups and major downs. On the up side, Joy and I adopted 4 beautiful girls and have a big family now. On the down side, I almost lost my wife after years of being selfish. On the up side again, I was finally able to see that and save my marriage with her help and a lot of prayer. I mean a LOT of prayer.
The professional side of this last year is pretty much a wash. I was able to build the largest class at the university were I was working but I also got laid off in November and am still looking for work.
I guess the biggest suprise about my birthday was that my mom forgot about it. I had flash backs of the movies Sixteen Candles where the Samantha, played by Molly Ringwald says, "They actually forgot my fucking birthday." Joy had to call my mom and find out why she had not called me yet. When I finally talked to her I laughed and told her not to tell my sister or dad they forgot my b-day because I wanted to see just how long it took them to remember. My sister called that evening and said she had been busy all day but I have yet to get a call from my dad. You are probably asking yourself, "Who's parent forgets their oldest sons birthday?" Well mine do. Does this make me sad? No, I figure this is good guilt trip material.
My wife did not forget though. She gave me a great b-day present. What was it? None of your business.


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