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Friday, December 30, 2005

WIll Work For Good Pay and Benefits

This is freakin' crazy! I have been unemployed for 2 months. I have turned in about 3 dozen resumes and applications and gotten back exactly squat. Don't get me wrong I have had job offers. One bank wantedme to work for a straight commissio. I have four kids, a wife and all the bills that go with them. I need something I can count on. A different place wanted me to sign on for six dollars an hour. I make more than that on unemployment! This is the kicker. The other day my wife was looking in the classifieds to try and find me a job. (Which is appearently the worst place to find a job according to the unemployment office.) There is an article on the front page of the classifieds explaining how the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a GREAT time of year to find a high paying job in middle to upper managment. To this I say," BULLSHIT!!! Not in Oklahoma!" I am a college graduate and working on my Master's and the only thing someone wants to offer me is 6.00 an hour. I could go to freakin' 7-11 and make more than that! Oh well, maybe the color of the smoks they were will go good with my skin tone. Thank you. Come again.


  • At 9:50 PM, Blogger Kimi Jo said…

    I know this sounds crazy, but have you ever thought of getting into the lender side of the mortgage business. Being a rep. Most reps are Base plus commission, as a matter of fact, I believe that Decision One is going to be looking for another OKC rep after Jan 1. You should send your resume to 314-564-4452, ATTN Chuck Vaughn.


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