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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Someone Else Has Lost Their Way

My wife and I like to look at houses. The other day we found one for lease and called about it. When we asked the owner if he was interested in a lease purchase he said, "Sure." We were very excited. It is is a historical neighborhood with a great school, has hardwood floors, 4 bedrooms, two stories and an attic that can be finished out into a fifth bedroom. It looked as if it may be perfect for our rather large family. Well we filled out the lease application and Joy wrote a letter to him explaining what we planned to do after we sold our house and moved. We asked if we could view the house again and bring our kids along to show them. He said it was no problem and made the appointment with us. We show up at the appointed time and he does not show up or bother to call. We call him and leave a message. As we are about pull away he finally calls back, 20 minutes after the scheduled time, and tells us he will not be able to make it. We figure no big deal and go on our way. The next morning he calls a t 8 o'clock and tells my wife that he has decided to go with some one else because we have a few slow pays on our credit report. No big deal, we knew this and could understand. We are in the middle of bringing our scores up now by paying things off. The kicker of all this is what he said next. He told my wife that he had concerns about our kids living in his house. Joy, being sweet, asked him what the difference was between his kids living in the house and our kids living in the house. His reply, "My kids have never been in DHS custody." My wife was floored. She was so hurt. The only reply she could muster was, "This is devastating." At that the guy said, "Ok. Thanks, goodbye", and hung up. My wife waited half a day to tell me the entire conversation because she knew how angry I would be after that kind of comment.
Why should my kids be discriminated against because they are adopted? Why should they be doomed because their birth parents did not have the most basic of parenting skills to take care of them? They do not tear things up, set fires or steal things. They are just kids who were in a horrible situation and finally got out. Some might say they are blessed for being adopted, and they are because there are literaly thousands of children in the DHS system that may never get adopted. My wife and I see ourselves as getting the greater blessing because we have four wonderful, beautiful children.
This guy may do all wonderful things I do not know about but the impression that he made on me is that if people have less money than him, like our childrens birth parents, they are below him. If children have been in the DHS system, they are below him. We are here to do the best we can with our lives and to look out for each other. I am not saying that he should have leased the house to us just because we adopted four children and I can understand that he may not have liked our credit scores but to use my children as an excuse for not leasing the house to use was wrong. He could have said many other things like, "There was someone before you", or "This person had a higher credit score than you." These reasons would have been enough and not a blatant insult to my children. Everyone reaps what they sow and so I wonder what this guy will harvest?


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