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Monday, December 12, 2005

Desperate Husbands?

Everybody is all excited about "Desperate Housewives" and how much bigger could that whole "Red Hat" thing get. I mean Desperate Housewives? Their life is so tough. They don't work. Ok, they work at home but come on. They take care of the kids. Ok, this can be tough but baby sitting is what the VCR is for while you watch your "stories" in the other room. They have to keep the house clean. Hey! The husband is not there the biggest part of the day so how could he mess it up? Beside that is part of your job description...clean the house! They do not get enough attention and are under appreciated. Try going to work and getting all sorts of attention when things go wrong that you had no control over and then when things do go right nobody notices or wants to give you a raise because it is your job to make things go right anyway. And the Red Hat Club. This is basically a bunch of women who feel ignored by their husband. Well if you had not ridden him into the ground or driven him mad he may have a littl more attention left to give you.
I think it is time for the men and husbands to stand up for themselves and stop giving away their power. Al Bundy may have had it right when he formed "No Ma'am." Maybe we should stand up again and ask, "Where is dinner?" Maybe we should start expecting to be met at the door with a nice drink when we get home from the office or where ever it is that we earn a living for our family instead of almost being run down when the wife and her friends leave the kids with us on their way out the door for their "Girl's Night Out." How about a "Boy's night Out?" A Girls Night Out may include dinner, a movie or club and possibly a trip to get ice cream after. A Boy's Night out is not much different. A bar that serves peanuts is like dinner and going to a strip club is pretty much the same thing as seeing a show. In fact, if you go to a strip club that serves beer and peanuts you have cut down on your driving time. After we leave the bar we go to the Waffle House. See, dinner, a show and a late night snack. Same thing.
I am just saying that there are just as many under appreciated, unrecognized husbands and fathers out there that are under just as much stress as the house wives.


  • At 7:45 PM, Blogger Joygirl said…

    alright buddy... you dont want to piss me off.
    Quit acting like you are such a tuffie - - you are such a girly man! Right down to your buffed nails.

    Im just messing with you. I love you babe



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