I'm not lost. I'm taking the scenic route.

A lot of this is a love note to my wife but there will occasionally be a random thought thrown in every once in a while.

Friday, December 30, 2005

WIll Work For Good Pay and Benefits

This is freakin' crazy! I have been unemployed for 2 months. I have turned in about 3 dozen resumes and applications and gotten back exactly squat. Don't get me wrong I have had job offers. One bank wantedme to work for a straight commissio. I have four kids, a wife and all the bills that go with them. I need something I can count on. A different place wanted me to sign on for six dollars an hour. I make more than that on unemployment! This is the kicker. The other day my wife was looking in the classifieds to try and find me a job. (Which is appearently the worst place to find a job according to the unemployment office.) There is an article on the front page of the classifieds explaining how the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a GREAT time of year to find a high paying job in middle to upper managment. To this I say," BULLSHIT!!! Not in Oklahoma!" I am a college graduate and working on my Master's and the only thing someone wants to offer me is 6.00 an hour. I could go to freakin' 7-11 and make more than that! Oh well, maybe the color of the smoks they were will go good with my skin tone. Thank you. Come again.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Has Left The Building!

Another Christmas has come and gone. I love the holidays but I am always glad when they are gone too. Families come over and eat, mess up the house, take a nap and then leave. This year was a little different though. Nobody took a nap. My in-laws came over and we had our Christmas thing and then we broke out the Ouzo. Ouzo is a magical elixir that tastes like licorice and kicks your ass like tequila. My brother-in-law had maybe two glasses of that and the other one had about five glasses of wine. To say they were both very loose would be putting it mildly. They are both excellent musicians and started playing guitar in the living room. I wish I was good enough to play with them, I think it would make my wife love me more. My brother-in-laws were not the only ones to enjoy a little libation. My wife also needed a little shot of "holiday lubricant" whilr her family was here. She would rather be a little more subtle than her brothers so I was mixing her eggnog with Southern Comfort. This was letting minor offenses slide off her back because usually a family get together has to have at least one heated discussion about something. I will give an example of how well this worked. Her dad wanted everyone to wait around until his girlfriend got to the party. She was 2 hours late and people were ready to go. Instead of fighting with her dad my wife says, "Please make him some eggnog and put a little Southern Comfort in it so he will chill out. He will never know it is in there." I was more than happy to ablige. Here is the kicker to this story. My father-in-law is a retired baptist evangelist. If you are aware of the Baptist belief system they feel that any kind of intoxicating beverage is of the devil and is a one way tivket to hell. Even over the guitars I could hear them adding another offense over the door to my room in hell. It wasn't enough to mess him up but it did chill him out so mission accomplished.
Perhaps the funniest thing I saw that night was my wife sitting not 3 feet away from her dad schnockered. I am not talking about falling down, slurring your words drunk, but definetly feeling the effects of three glasses of Southern Eggnog. I wish I had a picture of the "I am drunk in the same room as my father and he has no idea" smile on her face. Priceless.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Time To Celebrate!!

My beautiful wife had a birthday! She is finally of legal age!! Her b-day was Sunday and I wanted to do something really nice for her this year since I have a new lease on our marriage. We were going to be out all day Saturday so I had it set up to where our kids ond my mom would come over and decorate the house while we were out and she would be suprised about everyone being here when we got home. I even told her that I was going to a friends house. She totally bought it! As we were pulling into the neighborhood she saw all the cars parked un front of our house. In an angry voice she asked, "Who's big freakin' car is that parked in front of my driveway and why are there cars all around my house?" I looked at her and replied, "It is probably your friends and family showing up for free icecream and cake!!!" She started to laugh. After the cake, ice cream and gifts she and a friend went out to the casino and played until 2:30 in the morning. She had a great time. I was so glad. I love it when a plan comes together!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Best Driving Music From Bands That Never Really Existed.

I have sent my wife out with her friends for her birthday (more on that at another time). So I am sitting here drinking wine, listening to music and finding something new to blog about. There are a lot of good movies about bands that do not really exist. Movies like Spinal Tap, Almost Famous and Rockstar. I have most of the soundtracks to those movies and there are a few songs on them that the "bands" in the movie performed. Funny thing is, most of them are pretty good! I would love to find an album by bands that do not really exist. There could be songs on there from Citizen Dick (Singles), Spinal Tap (This is Spinal Tap), Stillwater (Almost Famous), Sonic Death Monkey (High Fidelity), Steel Dragon (Rockstar), Chris What-ever-his-name-was (Rockstar). Hell, even put something on there by the Wonders (That Thing You Do).
Some of those songs are really great and it would be cool to see them on one CD.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Desperate Husbands?

Everybody is all excited about "Desperate Housewives" and how much bigger could that whole "Red Hat" thing get. I mean Desperate Housewives? Their life is so tough. They don't work. Ok, they work at home but come on. They take care of the kids. Ok, this can be tough but baby sitting is what the VCR is for while you watch your "stories" in the other room. They have to keep the house clean. Hey! The husband is not there the biggest part of the day so how could he mess it up? Beside that is part of your job description...clean the house! They do not get enough attention and are under appreciated. Try going to work and getting all sorts of attention when things go wrong that you had no control over and then when things do go right nobody notices or wants to give you a raise because it is your job to make things go right anyway. And the Red Hat Club. This is basically a bunch of women who feel ignored by their husband. Well if you had not ridden him into the ground or driven him mad he may have a littl more attention left to give you.
I think it is time for the men and husbands to stand up for themselves and stop giving away their power. Al Bundy may have had it right when he formed "No Ma'am." Maybe we should stand up again and ask, "Where is dinner?" Maybe we should start expecting to be met at the door with a nice drink when we get home from the office or where ever it is that we earn a living for our family instead of almost being run down when the wife and her friends leave the kids with us on their way out the door for their "Girl's Night Out." How about a "Boy's night Out?" A Girls Night Out may include dinner, a movie or club and possibly a trip to get ice cream after. A Boy's Night out is not much different. A bar that serves peanuts is like dinner and going to a strip club is pretty much the same thing as seeing a show. In fact, if you go to a strip club that serves beer and peanuts you have cut down on your driving time. After we leave the bar we go to the Waffle House. See, dinner, a show and a late night snack. Same thing.
I am just saying that there are just as many under appreciated, unrecognized husbands and fathers out there that are under just as much stress as the house wives.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Trying To Get Started

Not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up.
I have been out of work for five weeks and starting to get a little depressed about it all. I go to college and get a degree because, "No matter what no one can take your education away from you." Notice how that common quote does not say that people will give you anything for it though. Maybe I am barking up the wrong trees when I am looking for employment? Maybe I am in the wrong forest altogether? All I know is I need to do something quickly! Here it is Christmas and I am running out of funds. Sucks to be me right now.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Someone Else Has Lost Their Way

My wife and I like to look at houses. The other day we found one for lease and called about it. When we asked the owner if he was interested in a lease purchase he said, "Sure." We were very excited. It is is a historical neighborhood with a great school, has hardwood floors, 4 bedrooms, two stories and an attic that can be finished out into a fifth bedroom. It looked as if it may be perfect for our rather large family. Well we filled out the lease application and Joy wrote a letter to him explaining what we planned to do after we sold our house and moved. We asked if we could view the house again and bring our kids along to show them. He said it was no problem and made the appointment with us. We show up at the appointed time and he does not show up or bother to call. We call him and leave a message. As we are about pull away he finally calls back, 20 minutes after the scheduled time, and tells us he will not be able to make it. We figure no big deal and go on our way. The next morning he calls a t 8 o'clock and tells my wife that he has decided to go with some one else because we have a few slow pays on our credit report. No big deal, we knew this and could understand. We are in the middle of bringing our scores up now by paying things off. The kicker of all this is what he said next. He told my wife that he had concerns about our kids living in his house. Joy, being sweet, asked him what the difference was between his kids living in the house and our kids living in the house. His reply, "My kids have never been in DHS custody." My wife was floored. She was so hurt. The only reply she could muster was, "This is devastating." At that the guy said, "Ok. Thanks, goodbye", and hung up. My wife waited half a day to tell me the entire conversation because she knew how angry I would be after that kind of comment.
Why should my kids be discriminated against because they are adopted? Why should they be doomed because their birth parents did not have the most basic of parenting skills to take care of them? They do not tear things up, set fires or steal things. They are just kids who were in a horrible situation and finally got out. Some might say they are blessed for being adopted, and they are because there are literaly thousands of children in the DHS system that may never get adopted. My wife and I see ourselves as getting the greater blessing because we have four wonderful, beautiful children.
This guy may do all wonderful things I do not know about but the impression that he made on me is that if people have less money than him, like our childrens birth parents, they are below him. If children have been in the DHS system, they are below him. We are here to do the best we can with our lives and to look out for each other. I am not saying that he should have leased the house to us just because we adopted four children and I can understand that he may not have liked our credit scores but to use my children as an excuse for not leasing the house to use was wrong. He could have said many other things like, "There was someone before you", or "This person had a higher credit score than you." These reasons would have been enough and not a blatant insult to my children. Everyone reaps what they sow and so I wonder what this guy will harvest?
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