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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Holidays Schmolidays

My daughter asked me what my favorite holiday was tonite. I had to think about it for a moment before I was able to give her an answer. I finally came up with St. Patrick's day. She was a little put off by this answer but here are my reasons:
1. You are expected to drink a little on that holiday. What is an Irish holiday with out a little beer or whiskey. After all, God invented whiskey so the Irish would not take over the world. Or so I have heard.
2. You are not expected to eat dinner with someone at a specific time and no one gets mad if you stayed at one persons house a little longer than at their house.
3. You actually get to pinch the person who is not recognizing the holiday. At Christmas you have to wait a whole year to NOT buy the jerk a present who got you nothing.
4. The only plans are to find a pub.
5. If there is a fight at the party or pub it gets blamed on the drink and not the fact that someone gave you a crappy gift.
6. You don't need a poison fungus like missletoe to get a kiss. Just a button that says, "Kiss me I am Irish." See, you don't even need to be Irish for that.
7. It's one of the only times a guy can wear a skirt and not have to be worried about being called a cross dresser.
8. You hardly ever hear the phrase, "Remeber what happened last St. Patrick's Day?" You have the beer and whiskey to thank for that.
9. Games. No I don't mean football on TV all day. I mean games you get to play. All you need is a big rock and a few people will see how far they can throw it and have a ball doing it. This was probably thought up after much beer and whiskey.
I don't really have anything against the Big 3 Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, My Wife's b-day). All I am saying is that they would be a little, no a lot, more enjoyable if they were more like St. Patty's Day.
Ok. My real favorite holiday is Christmas. I love to see my kids faces in the morning when they are opening the gifts from Santa. The happiness in my 14 and 12 year old's when they get that one gift they thought they missed out on is hard to beat amd the magic in the eyes of my 6 and 3 year old's melts my heart and makes me want them to stay that age forever. And watching my wifes go from astonishment to happiness when she opens her special gift shows me what she looked like as a child on Christmas morning. I love buying for my wife and kids. I think they like it too.
I remember the excitment when the Sears Christmas catalog came. I would look through the toy sevtion about 10 times a day and pick out what I wanted over and over and show it to my parents as many times. Now my 6 year old does that to me when we get a Christmas catalog. My 3 year old has gotten ahold of that trick now too. Truth be told I miss those old Sears catalogs. I would love to go through one over and over again.


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