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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Are Those Construction Noises?

I have a challenge for construction crews and public bathroom designers. Why don't you put some effort into finding a material to sound proof bathroom stalls a little better? Instead of using the lamnent board or marble sides for the stall can't there be a material that is a little more sound absorbant and still hygenic and durable? I understand the use of tile on the floor but it seems like the walls could be made of a more sound deadening substance.
I will give you an example of why I feel this is necessary. The other day I was out and eating a bag of fruit trail mix. This stuff is very good but it has a tendancy to make me bloat...bad. I am by myself, which makes me happy, so I can go by myself to the bathroom and not have to really worry about someone waiting on me. I check everything out and the coast is clear. I choose my stall. I normally like the handicap stalls as they are a little bigger and allow more room. I hate feeling like I am in a closest when I go to the bathroom. I start to go and there is this incredibly LOUD noise, and it came from me! I thought, "OH MY GOD!" I sat there for a minute with my eyes shut in horror. I listened for someone to bust out in laughter but no one did. I was still alone. I relaxed and got ready again. Same thing. Loud noise. Only this time it was followed by a large sigh. I felt soooo much better. But here is another danger in the bath room. Along with making the stalls sound proof they need to be higher for taller people. Because when I stood up I swear the stall only came up to my chest. I will admit I am a tall guy, 6'3", but still... If the stalls were taller everybody woule feel more comfortable. The tall guy who does not want everybody to know he just played a whole brass section with his ass and the short guy next to him that doesn't want him looking down at him when he stands up.
I do not think I am asking much and I am sure I am not the only one with this issue. So how about it? Taller more sound proof stalls.


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