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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Stop On The Journey

I just read a blog that was a reflection on the authors life as they turned 30. It gave me reason to pause and reflect myself. I have been 30 for almost 4 years now so I feel pretty comfortable with this age..in a way. As soon as you turn 30 things that were crazy and whimsicle in your 20's are now ignorant and dangerous. Here is a list.
1. Flirting with your young waitress. Doing that in your 20's can be considered charming. Doing it in your 30's is a bit creepy. Probably because, theoretically, you could possibly be their father.
2. Drinking all night and calling into work. We are supposed to be responsible now because we have a mortgage, a wife, insurance and possibly more small children.
3. Throwing up after a night of drinking. See #2 for reasons not to.
4. Getting kicked out of a club/bar for fighting. You are probably fighting with someone at least 5 years younger than you anyway because he called you old.
5. Wearing your ballcap backwards. Unless you are walking into the wind or about to kiss your wife there is no need for you to wear it backwards.
6. Getting your ears pierced. If you already have it done and wear an ear ring it is ok. If you are just now getting it done...don't.
7. Wearing clothes that are not age appropriate. Now we are not ready for sandles black socks yet but lets leave the trendy T-shirts with the little phrases to the teenagers and the 20 somethings.
8. Frat sweatshirts. If you were in a frat get a ring and give your wiatressing daughter the old sweatshirt.
9. Stop calling people dude. I should not need to explain this to you.
There are some cool thinhgs about being in your 30's too.
1. Confidence. The only people I have to impress is my kids and they are young so all I have to do is put chocolate chips in the pancakes and I am a hero.
2. Respect for people older than me. It is amazing at how much smarter people my parents age have gotten now that I am older. I used to think they were insane. Now to my kids and their friends I am crazy.
3. Respect for myself. I have to take better care of myself. No longer will a diet of Dr. Pepper and Butterfinger bars keep me slim and trim. I have to work for it now.
4. Being a role model. I have kids now and it is my job to show them what kind of adult to be. Most people want to raise good kids. I have good kids. I want them to be good adults.
5. Education. Man that was tough one to get but more doors have opened for me since I have graduated than before. I should nave done that much earlier.
7. Conservative. I used to figure if it did not hurt me, do what you want to. Now, there are somethings that are just wrong. Homosexuals-wrong. Talking bad about the country you live in but still taking advantage of its benefits-wrong. Being beligerent-Wrong.
These are just a few things I have learned in my 30's. This age is working out for me very well. My wife even says she likes me more now than when I was in my 20's. That is ALWAYS a good thing.
Next time I will make a list of things I have discovered that I really like now that I am in my 30's.


  • At 11:11 PM, Blogger Allison said…

    What a life altering number to turn. This much is true...it does make you realize there are just some things you shouldn't do. See my list consists of this....
    2.)Bananna clips are a no-no
    3.) White pantyhose? Need I say more?
    4.)BE YOURSELF ! ! !
    If that means you say "DUDE" then say " DUDE" ! Its one of my favorite words and I'll be saying it when I'm 90.
    " Duuuuude, Joy, my pureed salsbury steak need some peanut butter....."


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