I'm not lost. I'm taking the scenic route.

A lot of this is a love note to my wife but there will occasionally be a random thought thrown in every once in a while.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Slow Ride

This is just one of those days where nothing exceptional happened. Just spent the day at work thinking about what I would rather be doing and counting the time until I get to go home to my wife and kids. Maybe we will watch a movie tonite. I love movies. My friend and I have even written one and tried to get it made. Obviously it did not work out. If it had I would not be stuck working where I do driving a Ford Escort. Speaking of movies, my wife and I watched "Crash" last night. That is a good movie. It is a movie about ethnic relations and how even though people of different cultural back ground they are all looking for the same things. Respect, safety, justice, the right to earn a living, acceptance, understanding and someone to just be a friend. Would it not be a great place to live where we could have all that and not have any groups that simply got more of it while the rest fought for what was left over. George Orwell probably stated that thought best in 'Animal Farm'. He said, "All animals are created equal. Some are just more equal than others."


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