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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I like the view from here.

Her are some of the things I really like now that I am in my thirties. It is amazing how tastes change.
1. Khaki's. My grandfather wore them dang near every day of his life so to me they were always "old peoples clothes". If I was going anywhere I had on jeans. Dressing up meant wearing a shirt that had buttons with my jeans. Now I seldom leave the house not in khaki's.
2. Elastic. Elastic has always been nice. It held up our sweat pants, our gym shorts and our underware but I never knew the comforts of elastic until I got in my thirties. I have about 6 pairs of pants that I wish had elastic in them. If they did I could bouble the size of my wardrobe.
3. Anti-Acids and acid reducers. I never had a real problem with heart burn until I turned thirty and put on about 30lbs, (Coincedence? I think not.) If it weren't for acid-reducers I would live in constant pain.
4. My favorite time of the day is early morning. I mean before 6 o'clock. I get up at 5:30 to go work out. This also lets me see the sunrise. Seeing a sunrise lets you know the day is a gift and should be used to its fullest.
5. My wife. I got married in my 20's and was a little immature. Ok, a lot. What I thought was here being "the ole ball&chain" was just here saving me from myself. I now try to do something special for her everyday so she know how much I love and need her.
6. Work. It used to be work was what I did in between drinking on the weekend. Now it is how I support my family.
7. Air conditioning. I was married before I even had a car with a/c. I would just role the windows down or sweat. Now I ride in comfort. See how my wife takes care of me.
8. My health. It is not that I am unhealth but like I said, I've put on like 30 extra pounds. It has given me heartburn, hypertension and God only knows what other disasters are awaiting my body. I get up a 5:30 so I can work out and stay healthy. It's not like the old days of 20 when I could eat what I wanted and not gain a pound. Hell, I remeber trying to gain weight!
9. Enjoying what you have. I love everything I have. My wife, my kids, my house, being able to work and support my family. Many people do not have these things and I am VERY blessed that I do.


  • At 11:01 PM, Blogger Allison said…

    Air conditioning? What is that?
    I have been married, had three children, divorced and married again and still have no air in my car. At this point, we're hippies by force! LOL


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