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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Got Stalled Out.

I freakin' hate meetings! There was an all day meeting at the college today. There are two sure fire ways for me to get a good nap. The first is give me something to read. It does not matter what it is or if I am interested in the subject. If I have to read it, I will fall to sleep. The second is put me in a meeting. It does not matter what the meeting is about - I will fall asleep. I have actually started to fall asleep in a meeting of me and two other people. One of them was my BOSS! Let me tell you something, nothing changes the dynamics of a meeting with your boss like falling asleep in the middle of it. So anyway, I am in this meeteing and all the department heads are there. The President of the college was giving a master planning meeting. It took him from 8:30am to 3pm to tell everybody to set long term objectives and short term goals to reach those objectives. I could have given this lesson. Although I think it may have worried the audience if I fell asleep in the middle of my presentation. Anyway, I am sitting there on the front row in full view of the President trying not to fall asleep ALL DAY LONG! I just know I nodded off a couple of times. I was drinking green tea and stuffing my face all day to stay awake. I swear, if I had to go to meetings all the time I would be a total lard ass. Here it is. I go to the gym five days a week and try to watch what I eat all week long just to have it ruined because there has to be this long freakin' meeting and I have to eat just to stay awake. Today is going to cost me an extra 2o minutes on the treadmill tomorrow.


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