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Friday, October 28, 2005


My 13 year old is pretty darn cool. She has been taking Tai Kwan Doo for like a month and she had her first test the other day and she kicked ass! The normal progression of things is you go from a white belt to white with a yellow stripe and then to a yellow belt. Rikki jumped over the yellow strip and went straight to the yellow belt. I have never done Tai Kwan Doo so I have no idea how hard that may be but I was pumped on her. It was awesome watching her take her test. She did her forms which looks like a choreographed series of kicks and punches. Then she went on to the REALLY cool part. She broke boards! When my wife saw them holding up the boards she said, "Is my baby going to break those boards?" HECK YES! She punched the first one and broke it the first tine. She tried to kick the second one. It took her three times but when it broke, it broke in three pieces. Yeah my baby is tough.
So not only did she skip the yellow stripe and break two boards when she moved up but she also got a patch of recognition because she has been working so hard. This girl had not done anything athletic other than play soccer for one season her whole life and here she is kicking ass in Tai Kwan Doo. Joy and I are so proud of her.
If you see a guy walking down the street with his red haired daughter do not mess with him. He may have his daughter kick your ass.


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