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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Freakin' Warning Light

Its funny. I am not an idiot but it is like I cannot spell anymore. I have a written a 65 page research paper, earned as college degree, am working on my masters degree but I cannot seem to spell anymore. I will write a blog, re-read it and fix errors. I will post it, look at it and then edit it and re-post it. Then my wife will read it and still find spelling and grammatical errors! AAAGGGHHH!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY INTERNAL SPELLCHECK?! It is like it isn't even there. I hate that. I will need to start working with my five year old on her alpha bet and simple spelling just so I can keep up. I guess I should not feel to bad about it though. I was sitting in class and the prof. wsa writting something on a chart and she mispelled a word too. Great, higher education leads to highre thought but a decrease in simple spelling. Oh I have the knowledge, I just can't write it down for anybody.
By the way. Another addition to the "My Wife Is So Cool" file. She went to Tulsa this last weekend for auditions for Wheel of Fortune. We don't even watch that show but my wife wanted to be on it. So she goes up there saturday morning and they don't call her name. She was bummed. On sunday they called her name and she got to try out. For some reason they wanted her to show a "talent". Like spelling isn't enough. She is a fantastic singer and has been on TV and sung before. (For a run down on that see her blog at joyketch@blogspot.com) She is 1/2 Greek and her maiden name was Pappadopoulos. Yeah, thats a mouthful. Her mom made up a song so she and her brothers could learn how to spell their last name. That song was the only song she could think of so she sang it! I will let her tell you all about it but let me at least say "She won!!" As far as I am concerned my wife is the coolest! 'Gimme the Mike' and now 'Wheel of Fortune'!
It's a good thing I didn't try out, I never would have made it.


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