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Monday, October 24, 2005

A Fantasic Day!!!

I heard from my son Connor today!! He lives in Ft. Meyers, Fl. Yeah, the place that just got pummeled by another hurricane. It was incredible to hear his voice again. I have not spoken to him in probably a year or at least since hurricane Charlie went through. He is 12 now and his voice sounded so different. He said he was as tall as him mom so that makes him about 5'4" or so. My wife and I would love to see him. It has been five years since I have laid eyes on that boy. We got so scared when the hurricane path was drawn through Ft. Meyer. I called him for 2 days before he got back with me. I finally sent a text message asking him to call me back and he finally did. I tried to talk to him about everything. School, sports, girlfriend hobbies. I wanted to hear it all. He said he could not wait until it gets cold. Yes it does get cold in Florida. I told him if he wanted cold he needed to come up here. With out flinching he said, "Ok." I had to ask him if that was because he really wanted to come or if it was just a "Yeah that sounds like fun. No big deal" sort of thing. He said he really wanted to. I could have cried. I really hope his mom and I can work something out. That would make me sooooo happy. When I told Joy she started to cry. She wants to see him as bad as I do. I asked him he needed to send me a picture. The only pics I have of him in my office are of his 2nd grade class pic and another one of when we went to Epcot Center 5 years ago. I would say he has changed quite a bit.
Needless to say I love him very much. Even though I have not talked to him in a long time he is always in my thoughts and prayers and always been. I hope he reads this and sees that I am putting that out here for as many people to see as possible.
I love you Connorman. I always have.


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