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Monday, October 10, 2005

Curves Ahead

Guys if you want to have a good time, and you know you do, go and buy your wife sexy underwear. Let me make it clear that I am talking about underwear and not lingerie. We are looking for the daily drivers, not the weekend droptop. Let her go and pick out the special anniversary/birthday/big promotion undies. If you buy those under the disguise that they are "for her" you are lying to her and yourself. Now, I am sure there are those of you who have already done this but I had not.
There are several benefits to YOU buying her underwear. The first is the most unselfish. You get to do something nice for her. Hopefully she will look at it as an act of love and appreciate the effort and not just the gift. The second is a little more selfish. You get to pick out what underwear you get to see your wife wear. If you want her to wear bikini's, you buy her bikini's if you want thongs you buy thongs. Because after you buy her new undies you get to go home and clean out the ones you don't like because hey, she has new underwear and that is what she does to you when she buys yours. This last reason is the most selfish but I swear that I did not know it was going to go down like this. Appearently the girls that work in places wear you buy womens underwear think it is incredibly sweet and sexy when a man goes in to buy underwear for his wife. At one point I had both of the attendants helping me get undies for my wife. It like they forgot about the other people in the store and focused on the guy buying silky panties.
They will tell you everything you want to know about how the undies fit, how high the sides come up, and let you get a good feel for the material and how a satin thong feels next to cotton bikini's. They will educate you on what kind of underwear gets worn with different clothing for different effects. I had no idea that womens underwear was so complicated. Our biggest decision is boxers of briefs? They will also pamper you. After all, you love your wife so much you are in there buying her underwear.
So I say, Men get out there and treat yourself right. Buy your wife some new underwear!


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