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Thursday, September 29, 2005

They are Letting Me be a Parent?

My wife and I have been trying to adopt 4 sisters for the past 2 years. This last week it finally came to a close! I am sure that every father goes through some sort of life examination when ever they have a child and I am no different. I look at myself and wonder "What the hell are they thinking giving me a child?" What is even worse is that they are all girls. Their ages are 2, 5, 12 and 13. We have been their foster parents for over 2 years so we know them very well and they call us mom and dad. I have had some of these feelings for a while. Am I good enough to be a dad? Am I smart enough to be a dad? Will they think I am cool? The answer to all of these questions is probably a big "NO". My biggest question is'"What am I going to do when they start bringing boys home?" I was 15 when I started dating and I remember what I was like. My wife tells me I am still like that. I also know that girls bring home boys like their dad. What does that say about the boys they are going to bring home? It says that they are going to get ran out of my house is what it means! I am not going to have some walking hormone taking my daughter out and hanging out in his behind a empty building! How do I know this is what boys want to do? Because I did it! Now I know a lot of this will have to do with my daughters and how they act but they will be fully aware of what to look for when (if) they go out. Now I know why my dad said my sister couldn't date until she was 50.


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