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A lot of this is a love note to my wife but there will occasionally be a random thought thrown in every once in a while.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I missed a sign somewhere.

What am I doing with all of these girls? When I was 18 I thought it would be cool to live in a house full of women. You know the fantasy. They cater to your every need and you get wgat you want when you want it and they are all beautiful. I just never thought I would be related to them. Some of it is true. They are all beautiful. Do I get catered to? A little. Do I get what I want when I want it? If it not to much trouble. My wife and I have four daughters. I am the only male in the house. We have two cats that used to be boys that are in the house and 1 dog that still is a boy that lives outside. My wife tells me he can come in the house when he gets fixed too. This brings us to a delicate and tricky situation. How long before I have to make the choice between getting "fixed" and living in the house or not getting "fixed and moving outside with the dog? Some days I wonder. I do not think my getting fixed is going to be a quick thing. It seems to be more gradual. The other day my one of my daughters gave me a hug goodnight. While doing this I asked her if she had taken off her make-up. What kind of guy asks if a girl has taken off her make-up before going to bed? Appearently one that lives with 5 females. When I realized what I had said my wife told me I was just being a good dad but it seems something else is happening. I cry at movies now, I want to be color coordinated and my wife does my finger nails. I am slowly absorbing estrogen and I don't know how to make it stop! Luckily my breast have not gotten bigger. I need to take up a hyper maculant hobby like lumberjacking or hunting. Where is my rifle? I need to shoot something.


  • At 9:59 PM, Blogger Allison said…

    Hey Monty! Jeromy wants to raise a pig and kill it, wanna play? LOLOL


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