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A lot of this is a love note to my wife but there will occasionally be a random thought thrown in every once in a while.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Can Someone Give Me a Ride To Rehab?

I swear the events that I am about to tell you actually happened. A week ago at my place of employment we had a celebration. It was AWESOME!!! There was beer, a band, beer, margarita machines, beer, bar-b-que, beer, a dunk tank, beer, a swimming pool, beer and more beer. It was insane and when I tell people about it they do not believe me. The first day was wild. The owner of the company shows up at 8 a.m. and starts passing out Malibu shots. By 10:30 there was already a casualty. A girl was taken to the back so she could pass out. But the celebration did not stop there. The owner then took the remaining survivors to a near by bar at 11 and proceded to run a tab that is rumored to be as high as $900.00! That is outrageous to me. I would not call the next two days tame by any means at all because the latest that I started drinking was 11 o'clock but the last day was the best. I get there at 9 and head straight for the Bloody Mary's. After a few of those I decide it is time to switch to beer. With a cup full of limes and several Coronas I head back to my desk to work. Yes, all week long there was beer on the desk instead of my usual tea or water. By 3 o'clock I am looking for a place to lie down. I slept for 2 hours and got up feeling ready to go home. I head for the door only to be stopped by the HR Director and 2 members of the Sheriffs department. They tell me I will have totake a sobrieaty test. I ask them what it will be. walk a straight line or the eye test. Appearently that question will automatically disqualify you from driving as they told me I needed to wait a little longer. 30 minutes later I am needing to get home so I can get to my 2nd job. I take their damn eye test and fail miserably. Luckily the company hired cabs to make sure we got home safely. Yeah!! I get home and fianlly but I need to sober up a little more so I show up an hour late. Still a little tipsy I get stuck working on the floor helping customers. People are asking me to help them find products and I cannot even see straight yet. Not the best situation.
All in all everyone had a great time and you can bet your butt I am looking forward to next year.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

What A Blessed Life. I Truly Did Not Even Know.

I had a moment today that made me see just how blessed I have been. While working at my weekend part-time job today I saw a person from high school that I had not seen in at least 16 years. It was a girl that was a grade or two behind me and man how she had changed. I remembered her from high school and that she was very cute and nice. Even a little popular if I remember correctly. When she came up to the counter I asked her if she went to WHHS and she remembered my name, first and last. I was shocked. That is not what made me realize my blessed life though. What it was is that she is now in a wheel chair and was being taken care of by a nurse. The nurse told me she was in a car accident when she was 24 and had suffered brain damage. She could speak but it was very slurred and she could barely write but she had a sparkle in her eye. She still had a great smile and seemed happy. It made me think back to a time that I had a terrible car accident. A drunk driver ran a red light and slammed into my car. It broke my girlfriends jaw, pelvis and put a huge scar on her leg. I was knocked unconscious, had two broken ribs and major kidney damage. I was in the hospital for 12 days and sedated for 3 of those. I remeber VERY little about those first three days in the hospital because of the sedation. The doctors thought that I would actually loose a kidney because of the damage. Luckily I did not. It is an absolute miracle that the only scars I have from that accident is a small mark on my cheek that is hardly noticeable and ribs that never grew back right. I could have easily been in the same situation as the girl I saw today or even dead.
It's funny. Now that I am writing this I remember something else about being in the hospital. My daughters mom, Kim, came down from St. Louis to see me in the hospital. At that time I did not care to see her at all and was rather rude and crappy to her. I am sorry for that Kim. What you did was very nice and caring. I was a jerk. Thanks for coming and seeing me when I was in the hospital.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Dude, Where's My Bike?

It's true. I am no longer a biker. I sold the motorcycle to pay off some bills. It has only been a few days and already I am seeing missed opportunities to get out and ride and enjoy being outside. I already have plans for the next bike I am going to get. Oh, I could tell you what it is going to be but I will let you be suprised.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

What Is The Big Deal?

We watched the Da Vinci Code the other night. I do not see the big deal about all the crap surrounding this movie. It was an "Ok" movie. Iliked it better the first time it was made with Nicolas Cage. Accept then it was called "National Treasure." I swear, if you trade out the object of the search with these two movies you still have the same story. A guy finds the clues that leads to a Biblical treasure. Did anyone freak out when National Treasure came out? No. Why? Because It is just a movie. "Yeah, but Da Vinci Code id presented as truth." SO WAS NATIONAL TREASURE!!! Jeez! If your faith is shaken up by a movie that take what may or maynot be tiny facts that barely hold any water at all your faith was not that strong anyway. You probably needed the challenge to see where it really stands.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Man Attacked By Duck And Lives To Tell About It

The love a mother has for her children is immeasurable. She will go up against the largest of foes when she feels her children are in danger. At the same time, a father will dare great perils to try and look cool to his kids. The following example of this actually happened. No parents or children were hurt in this adventure.
On the same night that we say the crazy ladie trying to drive up the pole we were at a park in downtown OKC. There is a large pond there where ducks and geese stay. We had taken some food to feed them. There was a mother duck there with her three ducklings. They were extremely cute and the girls were going nuts over them. They were alomost getting close enough for us to feed out of our hand. Finally the girls started trying to feed the geese. I stayed with the ducks. I was able to get between them and the pond and catch one of the ducklings. My plan was for the girls to pet the baby duck. What I did not plan on was the ferocity with which the mother would protect her young. I am a big guy at six feet three inches and 220. Ok, 235 and this duck may have weighed all of 8 pounds. This duck starts to FREAK OUT!!! It is flying at me hitting me in the head and back. Joy and the girls start screaming at me, "Put the duck down! Put the duck down!" I said, "I want the girls to pet it." Joy comes back with, "Put the duck down before you get hurt!" (Yes there was laughter at this point) I had been beaten. I put the duck down and they all ran away from me. After much chastisement from Joy and my daughters I tried to make piece with our feathered friends. I put some more food down for them but the mother duck put her nose in the air, showed her butt to me and took her babies into the water and swam to the other side of the pond. I had been snubbed. I walked away with a shame I will carry forever.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

If You Don't Like The Way She Drives, Stay Off The Sidewalk

The girls wanted to take Joy on a picnic for Mothers Day so we went to a park downtown. On the way back home we drove by a department store and saw the craziest thing. Someon in a Chevy p/u had driven UP a stop sign. Thats right, I said up a stopsign. It was so incredible that we circled back to look closer. We pulled into the parking lot and parked in the closest spot possible and just sat there and took pics. There was a tow truck there that was trying to pull the truck off the sign post but there was a concrete sleeve that went up about 3 feet at the bottom of the pole. As the tow truck is pulling the truck down the pole that sleeve catches the lower radiator hose and rips it off causing all the fluid to spill out. There was laughter in the van so loud we had to roll the windows back up. It was getting close to the time for American Idol and Joy wanted to go home and watch. I told her there was no way we were going to miss this and that she could see who won online tomorrow because this was a ounce in a lifetime deal and we were not going to miss this. The tow truck kept pulling backwards until the sleeve caught the bumper. I just knew they were going to rip the front of that truck off so I had Joy get ready with the camera. To my disappointment they stopped and rethought their idea. The tow truck then went around to the front and picked the front of the truck off the sing post and pushed it backwards off the cement collar. After that they just backed the truck off the sign and left nothing more to see.
I cannot help but wonder how she did that? I mean she had that truck so far up that pole her bumper was on the stopsign! she must have swerved left, and then swerved right but the sign still hit her.

What Exactly Did You Expect?


To get the full effect of this blog you must read the story on the link above.

Good that was fast. This story was so funny to me. They put predator and prey in the same area so it is more like their natural habitat and then get suprised when act like thay do in the wild. Do these people think that ALL animals whether in a zoo or in the wild get fed by nice people with pales of food and a garden hose for water? Or have they seen Disney movies like "The Lion King" to many time and think that only bad an mean animals kill for their food? Oh the horror! A bear killed a monkey and ate it! Shut up. Whay kind of dumb monkey gets killed by something called a 'sloth bear' anyway? It has to be called a sloth for a reason. Maybe it isn't that fast a moving bear? I honestly do not know. But if so, think about how slow that monkey was. All I am saying is why be suprised when a bear kills a monkey and eats it. People do that kind of stuff all the time. Have you ever seen what a hamburger is attached to before it in the grocery store? That's right, it's called a cow. Maybe if the bear's had currency and they could go and buy a butchered monkey the visitors at the zoo would not have been so shocked to see them 'go shopping for food.'
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